October, 2020

This sheet will contain all the release log of October.


Start: 21/Oct/20 Released: 28/Oct/20


  • Left sidebar overflow issue in dashboard

  • NLP rating ui breaking issue

  • Removed manage role from settings

  • Group management edit icon ui braking issue

  • In ticket block group data was not showing


  • Team switching leads user to the dashboard


Start: 20/Oct/20 Released: 21/Oct/20


  • Team Invitation email sending bug fixed


Start: 29/Sep/20 Released: 20/Oct/20


  • Updated registration flow

    • A verification link will be sent to the registered email address

    • Verify account

    • Dashboard will show verified account status


  • Redesigned dashboard

    • Will show connected channels count

    • A quick link for updated release note

    • Create a channel option

    • Showing all connected channels & platforms with Total user count, ticket and a quick channel settings edit option

    • Connected platforms will show a green mark beside the page name

    • 3 Step guide for successful platform connection

    • Activity log for your account

    • Team switch option at the left most corner of left sidebar

  • Channel Settings

    • Each team have own channel setting

    • Channel overview showing all connected channels and platforms

    • Channel editing option

  • Team User Settings

    • Auto created team according to users first name and Last name

    • Team information team name, description and avatar

    • User management for adding or inviting users to the team

    • Create group for better ticket handling experience