June, 2021

This sheet will contain all the release logs of June

Version 1.4.6

Started: May 17, 2021

Released: June 2, 2021


  • CAST block introduced in builder

  • Whatsapp now supports quick replies

Bug Fixes

  • In builder and datalab there was some issue with the search

Version 1.4.8

Started: May 17, 2021

Released: June 9, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Facebook Feed Comments Delete: The comments which are not highlighted can be now deleted from Alice's inbox

Version 1.4.9

Started: May 17, 2021

Released: June 10, 2021


  • Forget Password Verification Code Timer: When we will refresh the page the time will continue from the same time frame

Bug Fixes

  • CAST Report search is optimized now when the search box is empty we do not need to click enter, the full list will appear automatically if the search box is empty

  • Their Facebook feed comments were not working properly earlier it was fixed again

Version 1.5.0

Started: May 27, 2021

Released: June 13, 2021


  • From the user drop-down now user can set 'Online' and 'Away' status also in the inbox we can see the colored 'dot' on the picture of the agent while assigning them

  • The onboarding track icon will be hidden if it is not the creator's profile

Bug Fixes

  • There was an issue in uploading profile pictures which has been solved

  • In the Billing Counter Details Drawer

    • Active user count used to break when it crossed three-digit

    • It used to hold the previous team data after switching the team, not it has been fixed

Version 1.6.0

Started: June 13, 2021

Released: June 27, 2021


  • From the inbox, an agent can create an order for the customer from its respected WooCommerce connection

Bug Fixes

  • Adding/Removing a channel: There was a bug when we used to add or remove any channel it was not updated in the drop-down of the builders or inbox but not it is solved