July, 2021
This sheet will contain all the release logs of July

Version 1.6.1

Started: June 21, 2021
Released: July 7, 2021


  • Data Lab Block: A new block was implemented where we can automatically store customer's information in the datalab report
  • CSAT Reporting Response: The color order was changed as it was creating some confusion
  • Ticket access:
    • Now except for the assigned agent, no other agent can resolve or reassign the ticket.
    • From the inbox assigned agents cannot create new tags, they can only select tags from the consisting list.

Bug Fixes

  • While creating order from the inbox through WooCommerce there was some calculation mismatched which were fixed
  • Viber referral links were not working properly which are not fixed
  • Chatbox fixes:
    • In the inbox, while chatting when we used to click shift + enter the line moves to the new line but was not taking the text at its right to the bottom. Now it is fixed.
    • After sending a message, the agent needed to click on the textbox again to send a new message. It is now fixed, the agent he agent is now able to send another message immediately.

Version 1.6.2

Started: June 8, 2021
Released: July 12, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • The filter reset was not working properly not it has been fixed
  • In the beginning, the drop-down used to show the 'Applied" filter text which is now been fixed
  • The combination of channel filter and sorting was not working properly now it has been fixed

Version 1.6.3

Started: June 8, 2021
Released: July 18, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • There was an error while replying to the Facebook feed, the alert message was not showing if the ticket was locked by another agent
  • Editing feed reply made by admins was showing [object Object] instead of the original text- now it is fixed

Version 1.6.4

Started: June 8, 2021
Released: July 24, 2021


  • The logo and text has been changed everywhere from Alice to MyAlice
  • The Background color has been changed to white from gray on all the onboarding pages along with some background images and structure of the flow
  • The length of the password needs to be a minimum of 6 and less than 20 characters now
  • In the onboarding flow, the channel connection page has been removed
  • WooCommerce Order Creation:
    • When we try to create any order from the inbox the variation list of the product will now show on the top list view, not on the drop-down view
    • Added asterisk (*) for mandatory fields in the billing and shipping information
    • Shipping info will be shown in the disclosure, which means the shipping information will be hidden when we will click on shipping information it will disclose the information below
    • Now we can see the return and cancel option under order history