August, 2020

This sheet will contain all the release log of August.

Version 1.1.x

Start: 23/Aug/20 Released: 30/Aug/20


  • Signup page text overlapping issue.

  • Unnecessary padding at the bottom of all the other pages along with the dashboard.

  • Redesigned Data lab UI issues.


  • Redesign dashboard.

  • Redesign Data lab.


  • Agent / Group selection: show list of agents and then list of groups, searchable list. - None by default

  • Set priority - Low by default

  • Set Resolve sequence: this sequence will be sent after the ticket is resolved, none by default

  • Add note (optional) - if no note, don't need to add note in the CRM

Version 1.x.x

Start: 02/Aug/20 Released: 09/Aug/20


  • Default/ Welcome sequence trigger whole text


  • Restrict users to use space in name for send email block.

  • Show error if the email is not taken but the block is saved in send email block.


  • Data lab Max and Min length while creating data lab key

  • Data lab key char left

  • Add submission time in data lab

  • Remove the use of underscore and hyphen in Referral