April, 2021
This sheet will contain all the release logs of April

Version 1.4.0

Started: April 11, 2021
Released: April 26, 2021

New Features

  • Ticket Sorting: You will now be able to sort tickets from oldest to newest from Inbox
  • User Onboarding: New users will now be guided to the Onboarding process after signing up
  • Audio Support in Inbox: Users will now be able to receive audio files in Inbox
  • URL Security: User re-routing and authenticated routing have been fixed


  • Text Field in Inbox Input Area will now hold a maximum of 10 lines
  • Inbox Left Bar Ticketing Sorting and Filter Logos have been changed

Bug Fixes

  • WhatsApp data which have not been handled but being stored has been fixed

Version 1.3.9

Started: March 28, 2021
Released: April 11, 2021

New Features

  • E-Commerce Connection and Disconnection with CRM Customer
  • E-Commerce Order History


  • UI fix for User management in settings
  • Builder Rules 'New Rule' button changes when a Rule is being created
  • New UI for Login, Signup
  • Search functionality added in rule intent selection dropdown in Builder page
  • Search functionality added in API Integration page

Bug Fixes

  • Billing $ typo issue
  • Main text and failed text not shown in story block when optional is on
  • Audience Table unknown user display issue fix
  • Form in button block for webChat and app-messenger added
  • Sentry bug for development server, Non-free package trial warning