Make use of our E-Commerce Features
E-Commerce Features allow Users a new dimension in their Customer Management experience.

How to connect your Marketplace?

For connecting your online marketplace to Alice, all you have to do is go to the Marketplace settings from Settings. Once there you will be able to connect your desired online store to Alice!
You can see how to connect your Marketplace from here

Connect your Customers!

From the inbox, you can link your Customer who is coming from multiple platforms to their WooCommerce website's profile to retrieve their information.
Connect WooCommerce Website
Link Customers with WooCommerce
  1. 1.
    Click on Connect with WooCommerce
  2. 2.
    Enter your Customer's Email ID
  3. 3.
    Once the Email address has been verified, the Customer from the other platform will be connected to the WooCommerce's website's Customer profile
How to Place an Order?
From the inbox, you can place an order for the customer. You can search for your desire product and can add it to the cart from the list.
Create New Order
After selecting products you can see the product is being added at the bottom.
Also, you can choose which variation you want from the drop-down.
Variation selection
After clicking next it will take you to the customer information page where you have to fill up the mandatory fields to proceed.
Customer Information Form
On the next page, you can see the order summary and total bill.
After you complete the order it will provide you a confirmation order invoice.
How to cancel an Order?
You can also minimize the order creation if you want to order it later or can cancel the order process from the top right corner.

What else you can access?

Customer information: From here, you can see the customer information and also can update them if needed.
Customer Information Drop-down
Order History: In this tab, you can see the order history, detailed summary of the order and products, and also can search orders with order ID.
Order History Drop-down
Customer Summary: Here you can see all the detailed information of customer's activity like Customer's Lifetime Value, how many orders the customer has made till date, Average Order Value, how frequent the customer place an order, and total clicks and how many pending tickets the customer consists.
Customer Summary Drop-down
Product Interaction: From here you can see three sections, products which the customer bought, the products which are in the cart, and products which are viewed by the customer. Moreover, the products are linked with its respected website so if you click on it it will take you to its site where you can see the full details of the product.
Product Interaction Drop-down