Setup your Billing package
You can setup your Billing package to enjoy our Pro features!
Unless you have subscribed to a paid, after signing up, your package will be set to our Free plan by default! To enjoy the features of Alice's Pro packages, all you have to do is upgrade your package!

Upgrade to Pro

You can easily upgrade your Free package to a Pro package by going into the Billing Settings from our Settings menu. Once in the Billing settings, you can choose any of the desired paid packages:
  • Startup
  • Business
  • Enterprise
Select your desired package
After selecting your desired paid package, you will have to ensure your card is connected to Alice! If you do not have your card connected yet, do not worry, you can always add your card and complete your payment procedure from the Payment Settings

Complete your Payment details

To add your card, all you have to do is visit the Payment Method from the Settings menu. From there, all you have to do is enter your card number, and the credit card date.
Enter your Payment details
Disclaimer: If you have a card connected, and if there is any issue with that card, you can always add another card. You can set this new card to default, and remove the previous credit card.

View Payment History

Would you like to view all the payment history of your packages? You can easily view your package history form the Payment History menu from Settings.
Check out your Payment History
Not only can you view your Payment History, but you can also request for an Invoice of your payment.
If there is any issue with your payment, you can also request for a refund from here