Add Forms In Your Chatbot Using Data Lab

How one can create form using data lab?

Admin can create & attach the form to their chat bot which provides better user experience, effective communication, excellent user response, and many more. Click on the "Create a Lab" icon. Fill up the form basic info click on the "Create Data Lab" button.
Form Info:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Description (if any)
  3. 3.
    Image (if any)
  4. 4.
    Button Text Color
  5. 5.
    Button Background Color
  6. 6.
    Button Text*
  7. 7.
    Web hook URL (if any)
  8. 8.
    Submit Success Text (if any)
Star mark(*) is used in mandatory fields
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How to insert Form keys?

Admin can add fields to the form by clicking on Add a Key button.
  1. 1.
    Name Of Key
  2. 2.
    Select Key type:
    • Text
    • Text Area
    • Number
    • Image
    • Date
    • Date-time
    • Time
    • Multiple Select
    • Single Select
  3. 3.
    Placeholder Text
  4. 4.
    Require Field (selecting this field will make a field mandatory in a form)
  5. 5.
    Hidden Field (selecting this field will make a field hidden in a form)
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How to edit Form Info?

Admin can make changes in a form by clicking on the edit button.
  • Edit form Info
  • Edit form Keys
  • Delete form
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How one can add form in the Chat-Bot?
Just go to the bot builder and create a sequence select "Button" or "Gallery block" from the block section. There click on the "Button Title" and select form section choose your desired form from the drop down option, then for button block select sequence which will be going to trigger on form submit action.
Where can i find form data?
When user submit form via chat-bot their response get's save here in this inventory. Admin can export, advance filter and filter date these data.
  • Export Data: Click on the export button to and download all the form data in excel format.
  • Date Filter: Click on the date filter to get your desired data.

How one can create inventory using data lab?

Click on the "Create a Lab" icon. Fill up the form basic info click on the "Create Data Lab" button.
Inventory Info:
  • Title*
  • Description (if any)
  • Image (if any)
When one can use Import function?
One can use import functionality In case of when they have no data base but they need to show their product in the form.
Create an inventory an id will be generated in Mongo DB. One will import CSV data in this inventory then these data will be stored in our data base. Show these data in the chat web-view via calling the generated id.

Collect and Store Data with Data Lab

The Data lab option will help you create a form or a database. Forms are especially useful when you want to conduct a survey and database are used to store data to further use it on the bot.
So let’s get started.
Step 1. The name of your form
Simply write the title of the subject.
Step 2. Add Additional information if needed
If you want to add some more details, summary or reason for the survey you can do it here.
Step 3. Add images to increase aesthetic
By clicking there you can select image from your device and add it in your form if you want to.
Step 4. Form or Non-from
You see when you click it and it says form, 3 additional boxes appear. If it is in form mode it becomes a document for your users to fill in. You collect the data from your audience by using the form mode. Whereas the non-form mode is for your use. This helps create a database in the data lab. You can store data in this data base and use it on the bot.
If you click on form mode then these 3 boxes come up and you have then follow these steps.
Step 5. Customize the buttons
The buttons do play an important part in keeping your audience engaged. Here you will find a box in which you can write what your button texts will be and also select the text color and button back ground
Step 6. Add a Web hook URL to help develop further
If you add a web hook URL it enables the data of the form to be automatically transferred to the URL. That way the data can be further analyzed.
Step 7. Ending message
Let your audience know that the survey is compete by adding a polite thank you note.
Then click on the last button “Create Data Lab” and you are done!