Understanding Audience Tools Better
Get familiar with your audience base
To effectively use your Chatbot you must have information about your audience. Which is exactly what the “audience” tab is used for.
After entering this you will see several columns
1. Information of the users
The first column shows the name of the audience along with their pictures (if they have it on their profile). You can use the search bar to manually look for your audience.
Beside it we have the contact number and the email column where the number and email provided to the bot will be stored.
2. Last message time
This column shows when the last message was sent by a user to the bot.
3. Created At
This shows the time when the customer had started the conversation.
Audience Data
4. Attribute
The attribute tab holds further information about your audience. You can use the builder to add options to gather more information about the audience. For example you can use the bot to gather information by asking your audience
“What language would you like to use?”
The audience would then answer it. That information can be stored in the attribute to use and segment the audience.
5. Advanced filter
By using the advanced filter you can filter out your audience based on
  • Subscription sequence
  • Saved variables
  • Post backs
  • Check with triggered intents
7. Export Audience
Suppose you need to prepare a result sheet on audience who have interacted with your chat bot for this reason you need all the audience data together in a CSV file. Trust me you are in the right place, this export option here is for this purpose. Download is very easy just click on the export button here and your CSV file is ready.
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