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Welcome to MyAlice - Best E-Commerce Customer Service Tool!

MyAlice is a conversational AI platform for your e-commerce business that helps increase sales, reduces support costs, and enhances customer experience. You can automate up to 30% of your conversations with help of MyAlice. Read through this guide to understand the best ways to achieve your success with MyAlice.

How can MyAlice help you?

MyAlice can help you better manage your customer query agents, track your customer complaints and automate your regular queries.
There are five steps to get the complete setup of MyAlice platform:
  1. 1.
    Sign Up
2. Account Setup
3. Connect Channel
4. Create a Bot
5. Manage Inventory with Datalab

The Sign-Up Process

Provide the official email address that you use for your business and any password of your choosing to start the signup process.
Upon signing up, you will be redirected to our dashboard. However, we’ll need a little information to help set up your account. Press the green “Let’s go” button to move forward.
Let us get to know you better! Put in a few required information about you and your e-commerce business. Share your customer support demand and your team size to recommend you the right features!

Creating Channels

What is a channel?

Channels are your multiple customer touchpoints where customers can reach out to you with their queries. You can add them to your MyAlice dashboard to find and respond to all of them in one place.
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You can add different channels here. Don’t worry if you’re missing any channel, because you can always come back and add them later!
Great job creating your channels. But your job is not done yet. To connect a channel, head over to the connect a channel tab attached below or read our Connect a Channel guide to set things up or reach our customer support here.

Add Your Team Members

Add your customer service managers, agents, and different stakeholders by inviting them in their email.
You can assign specific roles & permissions to all your team members. Read this guide,” Add Your Team Members” to understand how different roles work.
You can skip this step and add your team members later.
Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your account here at MyAlice. Now, let’s start automating stuff!

Create a Bot

Creating your own Bot has never been easier. Head over to the “Builder” tab on your left in the dashboard.
You will be redirected to the “Builder” window where you can create your own sequences, set rules for your sequences, and add blocks.


Blocks are structures that you’ll need to create in order to give your AI the power to complete an action. Consider this as the basic command.


Sequence is a cluster of blocks. You can organize them to create your own customized response to a trigger. Consider this as the flow/roadmap on how your bot will respond.


Rules help your AI understand various triggers and set different sequences in motion accordingly. You need to create rules to help your chatbot understand when it should start the appropriate sequence.
If building a bot seems a little daunting to you, head over to the “Start Creating Your ChatBot” guide to start building your first e-commerce chatbot with MyAlice! We take you through every step of the process to make sure you get the hang of creating your first bot.

Find Your Reports in One Place!

You can find all your user metrics and agent metrics in the report dashboard, it’s easy to understand and even easier to take actions accordingly!

Analyze Your Audience

If you head over to the customers' tab, you can find all your audiences there.

Overview of Reporting

Go to the dashboard and select reporting from the menu bar.
  • It will show different information about the queries being asked to the bot.
You can find information about your users, last message time, different attributes and you can even create advanced filters to trigger sequences for them! Head over to the Understanding Audience Tools Better to get an in-depth insight.
MyAlice also provides many integration options in its pro version. Click here to upgrade now.
There you go, that’s the MyAlice dashboard in a nutshell for you! If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us. We would also love to listen to any recommendations you may have!
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